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Food is Medicine, Choose Well.

Nutrition, Wellness, Cooking + Coaching with Shelley Lewis 

Meet Shelley

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant N.C.

Shelley is a health and wellness coach and educator with a background in holistic integrative nutrition.  Her primary focus is on gut, hormone & digestive health, with an intentional focus on reducing body burden.  When we reduce digestive inflammation & support the efficiency of our body's natural capability to detoxify, we can see radical & long term transformation.  Food is our foundation, it is literally medicine, and it can heal us from the inside out. 


Shelley designs her teachings to educate people on what foods work best for them.  Her main goal is to make it easy to integrate healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable & attainable. She does not subscribe to “one diet,” or believe in a one-size-fits all approach.  However, the foundation of her teaching is that food is medicine and if we want good health, longevity, & vitality it starts with what we put on our plate--EAT REAL FOOD! 


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What I Specialize In

Repair the Digestion System

Healthy recipes, tips & tricks for the kitchen

Integrate Healthy Habits & Changes

 Goals and Accountability

Personalized Nutrition Plan

  Wellness starts with a decision. We are always just one moment of clarity away from a

radical life transformation.

“Rundown, fatigued and constantly fighting sinus infections, I thought I needed a cleanse to get myself right. Instead, I attended Mishelley's Detox Recipe Class. I made simple changes to my diet and within three weeks felt improvement. After five weeks I felt resilient. After two months I'm unstoppable. The concept of using food to heal the gut is profound and effective, and she handles both complex and straightforward issues. Her approach to food and nutrition is down to earth, approachable, and she makes it fun!.”

- Beth Rypins

Owner - Wine Country CrossFit

3x Whitewater World Champion

“Shelley's healthy gut challenge will change you from the inside out! She has extremely valuable information to share and she is passionate about what she does. I love her excitement and the way she delivers. You will not be disappointed with her educational and transformational courses!! I highly recommend them!”

- Jackie Reynolds

TRX & Boot Camp Instructor

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