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Mishelley's Method  Everyday Detox

Before I came into fully immersing my academic knowledge with practical application,

I did every diet, cleanse & "detox" under the sun.  I was always looking for

THE ONE THING, that was going to "fix & heal me".  I now understand the negative impact and consequences of prolonged stressed caused by fasting &/or restricting.  The real work (and healing) is in the habits, actions and sustainable foods choices we make everyday. 

The body innately detoxifies & it is our choices that hinder that process, or expedite it.

Its simple, our everyday decisions matter most when supporting detoxification or healing.  

What does Everyday Detoxifcation mean?

First, let's talk about what detoxification is. 

Our intestines, kidneys, skin and sweat glands, lymph nodes, and most importantly-- OUR LIVER,  are innately designed to detox the body.  However, the popular term “Detox” or “Cleanse” often refers to a specific or short-medium change to our diet, that minimizes BODY BURDEN.


Body Burden: is a scientific term for the net result of our exposure over time to environmental chemicals & toxins,  in relationship to how it transforms and eliminates these toxins from the body: what it retains vs what it eliminates. 


However, most “detoxes/cleanses” do not focus on how to stimulate and support the body in metabolic detoxification. The main goal of metabolic detoxification is to minimize stress in the body by eliminating old hormones, inflammatory molecules, and signaling compounds by breaking them down and removing these man-made toxins from the body, along with environmental toxins as well.


I teach people about the mechanisms of the body to minimize inflammation and toxins.  More importantly, I give people practical tips and step-by-step guidance as to what foods and lifestyle habits support will support them best.    I make it easy to incorporate simple daily habits that are nourishing and healing-it becomes, a way of life.  

Let's eat better , feel better & live better.  

Image by Kimzy Nanney
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