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Meet Shelley

Certified Nutrition Consultant & Healthy Chef

As a former collegiate athlete, Shelley has always been active and focused on health and performance.  In her mid-twenties, she transitioned from the "fast and easy" diet of processed foods to a relatively "clean" whole-foods based diet; however, over time she found herself extremely fatigued. This went on for years! Shelley experienced hormone imbalances, low energy, brain fog, digestive issues, and major hair loss.  After being diagnosed with  hypothyroid and given medication,  she was disappointed that most of her symptoms never really got better-Sadly, this is quite common with thyroid sufferers.


Frustrated, but determined to find a solution, she jumped into navigating the very expensive world of alternative medicine.  Although, it was helpful to be heard and given some direction and validation for her issues, she did not see the progressive changes she was looking for. 


What Shelley understands now is, that she needed to be walked through a full protocol and learn how to incorporate and integrate food & lifestyle habits to support her healing journey.  Her DIY research ultimately led her back to school for holistic nutrition at Bauman College, in Penngrove, CA. Shelley learned how to use food as medicine and create daily lifestyle habits that supported her body into progressive healing.

Her teachings are rooted in showing people how to support their own innate detoxification system by eliminating body burden, and by using food as medicine. When we enhance our detoxification and digestion systems we can see radical transformation--physically, as well as, emotionally. 


Shelley's an expert in helping people who feel overwhelmed, confused, or just plain annoyed with the conflicting health information in the media. She helps her clients decode the what, the why, and the how.


She will teach you how to get healthy, stay healthy, and most importantly, how to enjoy it! She makes it simple.

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